Feb 25, 2007

Pleasure in Play

It is so lucky that to have chance to do a bit more artistic work from my job, and this is NEVER happened before...

It is a task of doing little interior decoration for a local drama school in Art Centre. "Pleasure in Play" is their aim and slogan, so it is applied together with a bit of playing element, to make thing funs.

And, this become real already. :)

Feb 24, 2007





Feb 22, 2007

QingDao X'mas 2005

Newly set up a photo album, may update more photos, friends, if you find yourself from the photo and don't want to open to the public, pls kindly inform me to hide it or delete it!

Feb 21, 2007


This parrot was done with using Illustrator few years ago, I liked it at that moment since it could show much more details and looked more attractive than simply a cartoon drawing with flat colours.

But there is a question in my mind later on: it represents nothing except to spend time to trace the reality actually, then why don't we use the photo? The reasons I'm doing this again nowadays may be its file size is smaller than photo, easily for handling for output without worry of resolution, or just want to kill time...

Feb 20, 2007

Cartoon Stickers

Can these recall your childhood memories?
Cartoon sticker is similar to stamp collection, we kept collecting them and exchanged the one you like from others, or another method, winning through the games!

Mr.Q and Doraemon (Ding Dong), long time no see ah!

Taiwanese Soldier

There was an old Taiwanese soldier neighbored on my flat, basically he was a scavenger, never slept at home but having full of garbage inside. This was quite strange to me since he preferred to spend his days outside no matter eating or bathing, except asked us for water occasionally.

We had some talks but not much, I didn't know his background but he did read a lot. He gave me this note one morning, to encourage me have to study hard. This note might be a bit of strange, actually was very strange, I didn't know why.

Anyway, I saw him few times after that day, and he was found of died in cold weather on the street. This is the memory during my highschool period.




Feb 19, 2007

Dancing Candle

A little gift exchanged from high schoolmates during our X'mas party 2006!

This little thing can pop up and dance once you switch off the light or make some noises. It will be hidden again when you give it a blow!







~! Kung Hei Fat Choi !~

It's the second day of year of the PIG 2007, it's time to do something to have sparkle on my days. Some weird thoughts or ideas may happen in my mind but just too lazy to express or work them out; may be this blog can help me and be a good motivation.

My things may not be grand, but this is a way to share and connect with ppls who I know or I don't know.

Buongiorno! Io mi chiamo Elaine! sono da Hong Kong dalla Cina.