Mar 23, 2007

Zzzzzzzzzz~ *

after lunch, so sleepy.........

Mar 19, 2007

Hong Kong Flower Show 2007

It will be more lovely if today is a sunny day.... More

Mar 12, 2007

Film Festival 2007

And more to come, FILM FESTIVAL 2007!!!!!

Mar 11, 2007


Just enjoyed 2 fantastic shows in this month! It's the second time to see live jazz played by Eugene Pao (包以正), together with Kazumi Watanabe (渡邊香津美) and Jack Lee (李宇鎮), a real Asian Super Guitar Project by Chinese / Japanese / Korean, as Pao said: Trio Record 三國誌.
Cool band!

Mar 9, 2007




Mar 8, 2007

House of pattern

Light gives you shadow, shadow lets you lonely, lonely makes you cry, there is a house of pattern in my mind....

Mar 6, 2007